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Wine selection increased

Over the past few months we have been improving our wine list.

With the help of the Harvey's wine specialists and with having specially aquired a larger wine cooler we have been able to get together a good selection of wines from various producers around the globe.

The new wine lists are available in both bars, if you cannot see one please ask a member of staff.

Don't forget if you are ever in Lewes it's well worth popping into the Harvey's shop, goto for more details.

Written by Malcolm on January 12, 2015.




We would like to wish all our customers a very Happy New Year!

We would also like to thank all our customers for their custom throughout 2014 and also for all the cards and presents we received over this festive period.

Also a big thank-you to all our staff/crew here at The Grenny for all your hard work especially over this festive period where you give up a lot of family time to come in and work, THANK-YOU

Lastly, Robin would like to thank everyone for all the best wishes and support you have given him in 2014!

Written by Malcolm on January 1, 2015.



New website goes live

The Grenadier's website has been given a makeover from the ground up and has gone live. We hope you like it!

Well first off, with a new website comes a new Domain Name and hopefully this one will be even easier to remember! All of the existing domain names remain active too. So you can get here by using (which remains the main domain) plus and the new

We have built the new Grenny website with the best responsive and mobile friendly coding (Bootstrap 3.0 with HTML5 and CSS3) which means the website will display your web pages nicely on all devices.

We would love to hear what you think, please visit the contact us page and send us your thoughts and comments

Written by Robin on December 6, 2014.



A quick message from the pub guard dog "Pippa"

Firstly, I must mention I am waiting for a new photograph of me as this one does not actually show how big, nasty, bad tempered and mean I am (must have been the camera angle) so stand by for that!

Now then listen up! :) We here at the Grenny are very happy to allow dogs into the pub, actually we love it! BUT please can you keep them on their leads at ALL times just to make sure everything runs smoothly as you must remember not everyone is used to being around such brilliant animals such as us and sometimes we can actually scare them! And as you can see by my picture its not suprising really.

Lastly, its embarrasing I know but I have to mention that if your pooch happens to do its business in the garden (number 2's) please clear it up as quickly as you can before somebodies kids find it! Thanks for listening and for your cooperation, over and out!

Written by Pippa on December 6, 2014.



Grenny Photo Galleries

We are in the process of making several photo galleries that will enable you to see photographs taken in and around the Grenny especially during special events/parties.

We do have a lot of photo's to choose from already but we could always do with more. So if you have any photo's taken here that you think are good and deserve to be put up in our photo galleries there are two main ways you can get them to us which we have listed below.

1. email them: Please zip the photo's up and send them as an attachment to mail

2. Bring them into the pub: Put the photo's onto a blank cd/dvd disc or a memory stick them put them in an envelope with your details written on it and bring it into the pub we will try and get the disc/memory stick back behind the bar for you to collect within 24 hours.

Written by Malcolm on December 6, 2014.